Buffy Season 1

Buffy Episode 1.5: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Today we discuss Buffy Season 1 Episode 5 Never Kill a Boy on a First Date: Wherein the slayer tries to have a normal date out with a normal boy and even he has a dark side. We explore how the Scoobies act as metaphor for Buffy's psyche, find yet another hint that Giles isn's all tweed and book dust, begin our arc of The Annointed, and watch some epic posturing from Angel in the Bronze.

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And as promised: Buffy vs. Edward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZwM3GvaTRM

Buffy Episode 1.4: Teacher's Pet

In today's episode we discuss Season 1 Episode 4 Teachers Pet: Wherein attempted statutory rape by a large preying mantis goes awry - go figure. We observe how costuming decisions indicate the attraction between Angel and Buffy, expand our understanding of the dangers in the Buffyverse, see the first example of Buffy's kinky hair indication of Something Being Off, and begin our discussion of how all the aspects of Buffy share an attraction to the demonic and strange. 

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Buffy Episode 1.3: Witch

Hello! Today we talk about Buffy Season 1, Episode 3: Witch -- in which we learn which witch is which. As always, contained within are many spoilers and swears, so protect the newbies and the fragile-eared peeps in the world. 

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Oh, and as mentioned in the podcast, here's a brief history of our high school, which was built on a park and also the old prison. Talk about Hell Mouth material. 

Buffy Episodes One and Two: Welcome to the Hellmouth & The Harvest

Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest: Wherein we meet Buffy, Slayer of the Vampires

In this, our first official episode, we begin our discussion of how the cast of Buffy not only tells us the story of Buffy and her friends, but also the metaphorical rolls of the Scoobies as Buffy's internal workings and separate parts. (Giles = mind, Willow = spirit, and Xander = heart). We also discuss visual cues, costume as storytelling, and other things. 

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Also, as mentioned in the podcast: 

Giles as Dr. Frankenfurter.