Buffy 3.3: Faith, Hope & Trick Part 2

Welcome to the second of our 2-part podcast of Buffy Season 3, Episode 3: Faith, Hope & Trick; wherein... OMG Faith is here!!! We pick up where we left off in our very long discussion of the introduction of one of Buffy's most enduring (in more ways than one) characters, and we are loving every minute of it. 

We discuss in greater detail the production coding showing Faith as a viable and very real romantic interest for Buffy (sorry, Scott... not), and also investigate Faith's introduction as a means by which the cast, audience, and plot can re-investigate Buffy's past as a slayer and come to new understanding and new ground. Faith is the introduction of a true shadow for Buffy, allowing her greater space to grow and flesh out as a character in ways the Scoobies couldn't accommodate. 

We also have a pretty awesome revelation at the end about the real trick in the episode and exactly how Angel returned when he did. Just listen... we think we're brilliant. 

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**A note from Snard: I want to thank everyone for their comments, emails, and messages of concern and encouragement. Right before posting the last episode, I tried a new ADHD medication that disrupted the equilibrium of my normally happy brain chemicals and had to take time out for self care. We are back and ready to go though, and have been recording while I've taken a break from edits, so there's plenty more where this came from. **

Buffy Episode 2.18: Killed By Death

In today's show we discuss Buffy Season 2 Episode 18: Killed by Death - Wherein tact is just not saying true stuff. We talk about why Buffy got sick and the possibilities of influence of the PTBs in early Buffy, Cordelia's continuing evolution as part of the Scoobies, get some hints of the amazing man Xander will become as well as some troubling indications of Willow's moral compass. 

This episode of Buffy helps to set the stage of the final episode of this season and chapter of Buffy's journey into becoming the person who can make the hardest decision anyone could ever make. We have the difficult task of moving her beyond just missing Angel and into some who can lose everything and still find a strength greater than the sum of her parts. We have more work yet to do next week in Go Fish.

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And because Der Kindestad reminds us of The ErlKing:

Buffy Episode 2.13: Surprise

In today’s episode, we discuss the unforgettable Buffy Season 2 Episode 13 Surprise: Wherein Oh shit! It’s Buffy’s birthday! We have a TON of material that we cover, not the least being the possible meanings behind the prevalence of water and rain in this episode as well as the indications for who’s perspective we might be filtering this episode through. We also speculate heavily (and brilliantly, if we do say so) on the nature of Angel’s curse and what *true happiness* means. 

Oh yeah, and Willow and Oz become A Thing finally - or at least Willow says the word “date,” and Oz very calmly is indoctrinated into the Scoobies. Welcome, Oz. 

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Buffy Episode 2.12: Bad Eggs

**Please note that we have received some feedback about quiet audio, and we hear you (even if you couldn’t hear us!) The latest episodes have had a volume boost, and Snard is hard at work remastering all of our previous episodes for re-release as soon as possible. Let us know if we sound better!**

In today’s episode, we discuss Buffy season 2 Episode 12 Bad Eggs wherein we are inexplicably entertained by what is supposed to be a bad episode. Though this episode is primarily a bit of fluff and fun to carry us through the tempestuous emotions of the season’s coming turn of fate, we uncover that a lot more is going on than meets the eye initially, including some musical foreshadowing and cues, a little potential backstory of Angel’s darker days (and a fantastic cult film reference), as well as the fluctuating dynamics between the truth about Buffy’s life and her mother that will come to a breaking point by the end of the season. It’s a pretty fascinating time. 

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Buffy Episode 2.8: The Dark Age (Ripper Arc 3 of 3)

Here we conclude our third and final episode of our Ripper Arc episodes with Buffy Season 2 Episode 8 The Dark Age: Wherein there is more Ripper (and more Ethan. Yay!). In this episode, Giles’ Ripper past comes back to haunt him in the most literal and worst way possible. We get to see Giles at his worst and from that as a consequence, we get to see the Scoobies and their metaphorical roles have to handle a difficult situation without Buffy’s mind. We also get to see Angel do something pretty helpful and bad ass. 

We learn though this episode (as well as the others) not only that Giles has a dark past, but also that he has a dark alter-ego just beneath the surface at all times. We are also rewarded with some heavy foreshadowing and interesting character movements that set us up for the next heartbreaking and amazing chapter of Buffy.

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As discussed earlier, make sure to check out the fabulous Jonathan Coulton song RE:Your Brains and the irresistibly funny Eddie Izzard

Be seeing you….

As discussed earlier, make sure to check out the fabulous Jonathan Coulton song RE:Your Brains

 and the irresistibly funny Eddie Izzard

Buffy Episode 2.5: Reptile Boy

In today's episode, we discuss Buffy Season 2 Episode 5: Reptile Boy, Wherein Our Natural Aversion to Frat Parties is Reinforced. We talk about the continuing saga of Buffy's coming to terms with her blossoming sexuality and adulthood, discuss at length Angel's evolving roll in Buffy's life (and sidetrack ourselves on the nature of Buffy's and other fictional character's love lives), and begin Snakewatch 2017. All while observing the continuing smashing of the patriarchy that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

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Stay tuned for next week's 3-episode release in our Ripper Arc, wherein we meet and discuss Gile's alter-ego--and one of our favorite characters--Ripper. 

Buffy Episode 2.4: Inca Mummy Girl

In today's episode, we discuss Buffy Season 2 Episode 4 Inca Mummy Girl: Wherein Xander Continues His streak. We discuss the continuing overall themes and movements, some interesting parallels between the attraction between Buffy and Angel and Xander and Not-Ampata (aka the Life-Sucking, Twinkie-Mauling, Puzzle-Smashing asshole), and many other tiny hints of other things yet to come as well as the inner workings of the Scoobies and their reflection of Buffy's difficulties adjusting to her new life and relationship to being The Slayer post-mortem.

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Buffy Episode 1.12 Prophecy Girl

The holidays are already upon us, and so is the end of the first season of Buffy! In today's episode, we discuss the might, myth, and legendary themes in Buffy Season 1 Episode 12 Prophecy Girl: Wherein Buffy, Slayer of the Vampires, Breaks the First Rule of Slaying. 

This one is a heavy hitter, so we run a bit long. We dive right in with some further observations about the use of the color red, and then later get into a lengthy discussion about the nature of the slayer and vampire in Buffy lore. We also get to a seasonally appropriate subject and how it parallels Buffy's choices in this episode. 

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And for your viewing a film education pleasure, watch at least this excellent episode of Every Frame a Painting. 

Buffy Episode 1.11 Out of Mind Out of Sight

Today we discuss Buffy Season 1 Episode 11 Out of Mind Out of Sight: Wherein We All Lament That Our High School Experience Didn't Result in us Becoming Invisible Assassins. We examine the use of Cordelia as Buffy's shadow-self and see her come into her own as a character and as a reluctant member of the Scoobies, as well as discuss some foreshadowing for the episode to come and further our analysis of color language. 

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Buffy Episode 1.10 Nightmares

In today's episode we discuss Buffy Season 1 Episode 10: Nightmares; Where We Get A Shitload of Foreshadowing Via Waking Nightmares. We weren't feeling exceptionally well in the recording of this episode due to Rocky Horror Show acquired flu, so please excuse any awkward cuts and occasional coughing fits. 

In this episode we do indeed visit much foreshadowing, as well as begin exploring a newly discovered visual language in color and costuming choice in Buffy (red). We also explore the nature of fear and facing your fear in the Buffyverse, discuss our own fears a bit, and wax poetic about several off-topic subjects. 

And for your listening enjoyment, Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton. 

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Buffy Episode 1.9 The Puppet Show

Today we talk about one of our favorite episodes from season 1 (no, really): Buffy Season One Episode Nine - The Puppet Show: Wherein We Are Introduced to Principle Snider and His Revolutionary Approach of Taking Care of Teenagers... there is also a puppet... and hilarity. 

This episode is hilarious and often seen as a fluff piece, but really acts as a fulcrum point for Buffy's development and sets up an overarching philosophy for her over the course of the rest of the show. There is also some amazing foreshadowing, visual storytelling, and humor to go with it. 

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Buffy Episode 1.8: I Robot You Jane (Darkness Arc 3 of 3)

Here we conclude our 3-episode arc investigating Buffy and the Scoobie's tendency to dark attraction and investigate some of the shadow aspects of their true natures. We now discuss, Buffy Season 1 Episode 8 I Robot You Jane: In Which We are Warned of the Dangers of the Internets. We discuss the blooming romance between Giles (and his shirt collar) and Ms. Calendar, as well as follow the ultra-doomed and very ill-advised romance between Malcom (Mollock) as we broaden our understanding of the Buffyverse.

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Buffy Episode 1.6: The Pack (Darkness arc 1 of 3)

Welcome to our 3-episode journey exploring the aspects of Buffy's darkness and attraction to dark and not-quite-human things. In this, our exploration of the Xander-focused episode The Pack we discuss more in-depth the dark aspects of Buffy and her heart, see yet another of good teachers getting dead, explore the nature of the soul in the Buffyverse, and discuss the long-running consequences to Xander's perspective and character development after his walk on the wild side. 

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Musical links: 

- Reluctant Man by Sprung Monkey

- Job's Eyes by Far

Buffy Episode 1.4: Teacher's Pet

In today's episode we discuss Season 1 Episode 4 Teachers Pet: Wherein attempted statutory rape by a large preying mantis goes awry - go figure. We observe how costuming decisions indicate the attraction between Angel and Buffy, expand our understanding of the dangers in the Buffyverse, see the first example of Buffy's kinky hair indication of Something Being Off, and begin our discussion of how all the aspects of Buffy share an attraction to the demonic and strange. 

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