The Master

Buffy Episode 2.1 When She Was Bad

A Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! In today's episode, we talk about the second part of Buffy's resurrection story in Buffy Season 2 Episode 1 When She was Bad: Wherein We Find Out What Slayers are Like if They Don't Have Friends or Family But Do Have PTSD.

Many revelations abound in this episode, not the least among them the fact that David Boreanaz is the one in the Master's makeup in Buffy's dream.

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Buffy Episode 1.10 Nightmares

In today's episode we discuss Buffy Season 1 Episode 10: Nightmares; Where We Get A Shitload of Foreshadowing Via Waking Nightmares. We weren't feeling exceptionally well in the recording of this episode due to Rocky Horror Show acquired flu, so please excuse any awkward cuts and occasional coughing fits. 

In this episode we do indeed visit much foreshadowing, as well as begin exploring a newly discovered visual language in color and costuming choice in Buffy (red). We also explore the nature of fear and facing your fear in the Buffyverse, discuss our own fears a bit, and wax poetic about several off-topic subjects. 

And for your listening enjoyment, Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton. 

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Buffy Episode 1.5: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Today we discuss Buffy Season 1 Episode 5 Never Kill a Boy on a First Date: Wherein the slayer tries to have a normal date out with a normal boy and even he has a dark side. We explore how the Scoobies act as metaphor for Buffy's psyche, find yet another hint that Giles isn's all tweed and book dust, begin our arc of The Annointed, and watch some epic posturing from Angel in the Bronze.

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And as promised: Buffy vs. Edward