As all gentlemen (and great speakeasies) know, we are only as good as our moral code. These rules exist for us, the podcasters, and listeners alike. We all must strive to maintain the integrity of The Rules and politely point out when they have been transgressed. 
-Gentlemen Jen and Michelle (Snard) Tuckett -

rule one

Always respect the story.  The story is to be interpreted, not corrected.   This is not a podcast where we point out how we think a show could be fixed.  We treat the shows we watch as complete works.  They're perfect.  We love them.  We're going to play the ball where it lies.  There's no point in wishing it was one way when it's not.  That way lies madness... and fanfic.

Rule Two

All story commentary is to be independent of production misfires.  It doesn't matter to the story if a special effect is off, or if a monster isn't scary, or if a boom mike intrudes.  That is not relevant to what the show is trying to do.  We are human, so we may mention something very quickly, but we will not dwell.

Rule Three

Always respect the actors.  This is not a podcast in which we will be saying that the acting is bad.  Although Snard is more than qualified to discuss, at length, the acting and its merits, we won't be doing that.  Being an actor seems easy, but it's not, and a lot of the time, the director doesn't even use your best take.  We will, however, mention when we think a scene contains great acting.  

Rule Four

Performer appearance may be commented on only in passing unless it is relevant to the plot or themes.  To give an example from the Buffyverse, we don't care if Buffy the Vampire Slayer is wearing skirts so short, all the vampires in Sunnydale can see her narn.  It's not relevant.  We will care, however, when Buffy puts on her "Red Leather Pants of Death" or her "Black Leather Jacket of Ass-Kicking," because those sorts of costuming choices are important.  They tell us something.  Hell, the timing of Buffy and her short skirts might tell us something as well, and we'll let you know if we find a pattern.

Rule Five

All disagreements and debates must be kept civil, kind, and respectful.  The Diogenes Club is for gentlemen of all genders.  We aren't debating the freedom of the world; we're talking about entertainment. I know it's easy to get riled up, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for dickheads.