Buffy Episodes One and Two: Welcome to the Hellmouth & The Harvest

Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest: Wherein we meet Buffy, Slayer of the Vampires

In this, our first official episode, we begin our discussion of how the cast of Buffy not only tells us the story of Buffy and her friends, but also the metaphorical rolls of the Scoobies as Buffy's internal workings and separate parts. (Giles = mind, Willow = spirit, and Xander = heart). We also discuss visual cues, costume as storytelling, and other things. 

There are many giggles, swears, and spoilers so please be advised. Make sure to subscribe on your media player of choice, share with your friends, and discuss at length anything you wish on our website (www.diogenesclubpodcast.com), Facebook, email and any other ways you wish to communicate. 

Also, as mentioned in the podcast: 

Giles as Dr. Frankenfurter.