Special Episode: Interview with Cameron Sutter, Inventor of Plottr

Welcome to a very special (and safe for work!) episode in which Snard ventured out alone and for an interview with Cameron Sutter aka S. Lewis C. He is a new contributor to Snard's writing blog as well, so if you enjoy his insights here, make sure to subscribe to www.michelletuckett.com for more to come.

Cameron joined us (well, Snard) to discuss his intuitive writing and outlining tool Plottr. He wanted to talk with us this month because he is offering Plottr at an AMAZING DISCOUNT for anyone wanting to use it for NaNoWriMo (that's National Novel Writing Month for the uninitiated). 

In our hopefully first of many interviews, we discuss the genesis and uses of Plottr, Cameron's novels, and a good dose of writerly nerding out. Please welcome him to the Diogenes Club--we are lucky to have him. 

You can get your free trial of Plottr here, and find out much more about Plottr at http://www.plotmynovel.com, and email Cameron at cameronsutter0@gmail.com.

And, of course, you can find Cameron's incredible books on Amazon - these are exactly the kind of story we get out of bed for; character-driven, myth-based, and investigative of the human spirit. 

Cameron is a family man, inventor, writer, and Christian. By day he works as a software engineer with Instructure, and at home enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and five amazing children. He is fascinated with martial arts and meditation, and he spends his free time writing and deepening his understanding of the creative human spirit.