Buffy - Season 2, Episode 6 - Halloween - The Watcher Diary

Yeah, so we think this might be Darla.  I mean, who knows, right?  We never will.  Here are the points we highlighted during the podcast:

  • The sketch has the name “Sarah Goodfriend” written by it.  Darla has forgotten her real name, but calling herself "Goodfriend" would be so delightfully, snarkily Darla, wouldn't it?  "Me?  I'm totally innocent!  A good friend!  Yep!" bite bite bite
  • Included with the drawing are references to “St. Vincent’s Eve - midnight signs from previous fortnight appear true.”  St. Vincent’s Day seems to be your standard feast celebrating St. Vincent de Paul.  For Catholics in 1775, the feast happened on July 19th.   
  • Also written, “Forwarning of a <something>craft (probably witchcraft) curse - a spell of <something>.”  
  • Plus brackish wellwater, and something about eyes turned inward (which was the birth defect Jenny Calendar mentioned in “Prophecy Girl.”  There are also some signs and symbols, something about September “for the harvest month.”  That’s two little references to the Master (both the birth defect and the harvest, if only the well water had boiled, we’d have three) on one page.  

If you see a nice lady like this, I'd suggest running really, really fast in the other direction.